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We are Carismetric and we are the most innovative CRM system to manage your dealership. Making the complete customer and prospect information available for your employees at the right place, the right time you will take the right turn to success. Build on the Salesforce platform you can easily integrate Carismetric in your already existing Salesforce ecosystem.

Get in the fastlane with Carismetric.

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Who are we?

Carismetric is a Myguest product. Myguest is known to be an innovator and partner for your automotive business. With many new insights and new ideas. Carismetric is created by people breathing and living automotive. Having a lot of know-how from the business on different levels and brand we bring this all together in one app. Filling up the gaps is the key to success with Carismetric.

What do we do?

Our Carismetric team is here to build and pave your road to be the first one and start in pole position. By connecting all the dots and building the bridges between our app and your systems.

Our systems

Carismetric - Dealer management system

Dealer Management System

The dealer Management system is the engine of a dealership where you can find a lot of details about your customers and their vehicles. All this information is very valuable for you, your sales reps and your marketing people. Syncing the information form the dealer management system into CarisMetric makes your sales reps start in pole position. Knowing what a customer had as touchpoints with the dealer can help them adapt their sales proces to the situation.

Carismetric - Offer system

Offer System

Having know how from different brands and systems we can sync a lot of offer data to CarisMetric. Offer data can help get a 360° view of your prospects and customers? It can also help controlling your marketingteam to target or promote specific trends that are currently going. Even if we don’t have your brand in our catalogue to sync the offer data we have an awesome creative team that can get everything to work to get the data in CarisMetric.

Carismetric - Data loading

Data Loading

Data, data, data, the fuel for your CRM engine. Fill your CRM-system with data and it will run. Fill your CRM-system with good and high quality data and it will win. At MyGuest we have a lot of experience cleaning and introducing data into the Salesforce platform. Having the knowdledge of differtent audits specified for brands we are the reference in data loading. Taking a magnifying glass when the data is done and looking into the finest details makes us very critical about the data that’s in the system and we are not just fine with ‘ok it’s good’. We go for -perfect-!

Carismetric - Other Systems

Other systems

Having a portfolio of different brands we can say we have a lot of knowledge in house. The knowledge we have from our DMS-systems at Carya Group is shared with MyGuest. This makes uys the perfect partner to link other systems to CarisMetric into the Salesforce Eco-system. Because, ase we say, data is the fuel for your CRM.

Where will it help my business

At Carismetric we took all the best of the already existing systems optimised them and build them in our app.
Sometimes where there is good there is also bad.
We took the bad things a dealership is experiencing and changed them into an opportunity to come with new features that will help to thrive your dealership.

Company information

Carismetric can be linked with the data of Graydon. This means that you’ll always get the correct and up to date data for your newly created company prospects/customers. But it isn’t stopping there, if you already have your database of existing customers and prospects you can also update them with the latest info available.

Customers and Prospects

By building the bridge between the different systems we can create a 360° view of your customer or prospects. Get their data to get the most out of your sales and marketing processes. Catch your contacts consent and be compliant with the regulations!


Make your sales reps up to 70% more productive by letting them use our custom deal section where you can track and follow the sales rep success to finishing his sales.


See the vehicles that your customer drives and track the production status of your newly ordered vehicles.


Make your fleet program and fleet managers the start of the show. A complete dedicated fleet section will help your fleet customers to stick to your dealership by making them loyal with the best conditions.

Customers rely on us to make sure their business processes and specific CRM activities are well managed in their Salesforce products. As we gain more trust of our customers and learn a lot trough all this projects we think it’s time to give back to the community what we can. That’s why we joined the pledge 1% movement. We pledge 1% of our time to specific projects to make sure the cost for these organisations is reduced and their efficieny increased. At MyGuest and Carya Group more and more people will join us and give 1% of their best back to community.

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